• Paul Edwards
  • John Plamer

The Gresham Angling Society was founded in March 1881 and its members have been fishing continuously since then with records and annually awarded trophies that go back to these early days. Originally founded as a general fishing club for City gentlemen with access to various rivers and lakes around London and beyond, the Society has evolved to focus on fly-fishing the Loddon and Lyde rivers, with limited coarse fishing available as well.

Members come from all walks of life and from a wide geographical catchment. The fact that there is no need to book beats and no named days is very appealing to those with time pressures, whether work or home, whereupon they are able to free up for a few hours of chalkstream mayfly fishing or winter chub fishing.

There is an active social side focused around maintaining the rivers. The club actively manages the rivers throughout the season. As well as part time river keepers and external contractors, members enthusiastically support the summer weedcuts and the winter working parties. The winter working parties are held most Friday mornings outside of the trout season and focus on fallen trees, tidying up the undergrowth and making changes to improve the river habitat. Every winter working party finishes in time for lunch at the local pub.

The fees are very reasonable and consist of a one-off joining fee as well as a yearly membership subscription. Interest in joining the Society is high and we do maintain a waiting list that can vary from several months to several years wait. For more details, please contact the secretary, Paul Edwards, details below.


07902 764396