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The eight miles of rivers offer a huge variety of fishing to suit almost any fly fisher’s taste. The Lyde is purely wild brown trout and for much of its length is pristine chalkstream in character with beds of ranunculus, narrow and tree lined in many sections. The Loddon has similar typical chalk stream sections, that are unstocked, but also some more open, deeper slower sections that hold large resident trout as well as some stocked rainbows and browns.

The two rivers are set in huge swathes of farmland and woodland with limited public access and are extremely secluded, notwithstanding their proximity to Basinsgtoke, Reading and London.

It is upstream dry fly-fishing only until the 6th June, and then upstream nymphing is allowed, but only using conventional chalkstream nymphs. We have an excellent and prolonged hatch of mayfly on both rivers with The Loddon renowned for being one of the earliest hatches in the country, often commencing in early May.

There is an excellent hawthorn hatch before the mayfly and significant daddy long legs activity afterwards, with various olives hatching throughout the trout season. Nymph fishing is more suited to certain sections of The Loddon but is very productive.

Members average 2.5 fish caught per beat visit and often visit two or three beats per fishing session.

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